Aug 27

Are you overwhelmed?  Do you feel like you never have enough time to do everything that needs to be done?  Have you had a recent change in your life but your home doesn’t reflect that change – maybe your children have moved out, or your parents have passed away.

Do you feel surrounded by clutter, maybe clutter than you don’t even see anymore; kid toys, dog toys, or just plain excess?  Do you feel like you can never find what you need when you need it?  Do you wish you could follow your dreams but first you have to climb the mountain of clutter, both physical and mental, before you can reach them?

Don’t you wish that all your mental and physical clutter would just go away so you could move on with your life?

A disorganized space full of clutter is both physically and emotionally stifling. It overwhelms your physical space and drains your emotional clarity.  An organized space is a physical space with purpose that will engage your body, mind and time efficiently. It is a space that is clean, efficient, and functional, resulting in emotional peace.

Getting organized will help you become more efficient in how you use your time and personal space. We will help you create a system that will help support your individualized needs. The benefit will be a clean, functional, more relaxing environment to work and live.

Organize by Design can help you discover your unique way of interacting in your personal and professional space and how becoming organized impacts your ability to function efficiently within that environment.  We will teach and assist you in applying the principles of “Sort, Contain, Maintain” and help you perfect your own skills, leaving you with a sense of true accomplishment.

Let us…

  • Break down the barriers that interfere with your ability to find clarity and function in your life
  • Uncover and remove the barriers that keep you stuck and feeling overwhelmed
  • Minimizing clutter and chaos at home
  • Create simple and reliable organizational systems that will help minimize ongoing challenges and pressures

Help me! I am ready to get organized!

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