My name is Jamie Tabish and I’m a Life Coach.

I understand how overwhelming and challenging life can be. I know from personal experience that just getting by is not enough. I chose to work as a Life Coach to help people gain accountability of where they are and help them move beyond their personal chaos. Life is too short to be overwhelmed. When you are ready to create purpose in your life, I am here to help you.

Skills that many people seem to struggle with include:

Life Skills or “Adulting”

Transitional Adulting – Life after rehab

Executive Function

Time Management

As a Life Coach with 15 years of organizational experience, I help nurture and support young adults, 18 years and older, transition and create positive life choices by addressing a variety of challenges that leave them feeling stuck and overwhelm. By working one on one I provide clearly defined steps to follow, allowing them to transition to the next level of function and awareness.

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I have had wonderful success referring my clients who have ADD and ADHD to Jamie for organizational coaching and services. My clients have reported improved focus and direction and an overall sense of competence in managing their lives. Jamie has a solid understanding of learning differences and employs this in her work. She has great rapport with her clients and facilitates confidence building through patient, empathic, and competent guidance.

Janna McGaw, LCSW

Life sometimes seems to get in the way of living.  I recently had the opportunity of working with Jamie in evaluating, prioritizing and finding clarity in both my personal and professional responsibilities.  Jamie’s ability to coach you in finding clarity in identifying essential versus non-essential responsibilities has been priceless in organizing my life!

Vickie Walker, Founder, Circle-The-Wagons