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Here is what Organize by Design Clients are saying about us:


I have had wonderful success referring my clients who have ADD and ADHD to Jamie for organizational coaching and services. My clients have reported improved focus and direction and an overall sense of competence in managing their lives. Jamie has a solid understanding of learning differences and employs this in her work. She has great rapport with her clients and facilitates confidence building through patient, empathic, and competent guidance.

Janna McGaw, LCSW


Working with Jamie was great! She has really helped us, not only to get organized, but to stay that way. The work flow is a lot smoother now and files are much easier to find. I would definitely recommend her services.

Cindy Iverson
Administrative Assistant
Jerry Seiner Dealerships

Every week, I get an amazing amount of letters, press kits, books and emails. I previously had no method of sorting and filing, so everything just went into piles on my desk and floor.

The space made me edgy and I often wasted valuable time searching for items only to find them days later when it was too late. Jamie helped me create a filing system that fits my specific job and my personality. After nearly 2 years, the system still works. It is relaxing to sit at my desk. I am more efficient. And my co- workers are always commenting on my clutter-free cubicle.


Clarity Coaching

Life sometimes seems to get in the way of living.  I recently had the opportunity of working with Jamie in evaluating, prioritizing and finding clarity in both my personal and professional responsibilities.  Jamie’s ability to coach you in finding clarity in identifying essential versus non-essential responsibilities has been priceless in organizing my life!

Vickie Walker
Founder, Circle-The-Wagons
As a single working mother, I have been overwhelmed with trying to find balance in my life.  In our sessions Jamie has astounded me with her great advice.  She is able to pinpoint and break down what seems to be a complex problem, and gives doable step by step solutions.  She has helped me see things from a more clear perspective, and has helped me find realistic solutions to achieve the balance I have been looking for.  Jamie truly has a gift!
Andrea Guernsey
Lux Lashes

Home & Home Office

The possessions in my home in certain rooms which we used for storage were overwhelming. I couldn’t get on top of what I had, what I needed to keep, and what I was ready to part with. After several moves as well as accumulating my mom’s belongings, and having two young kids, I wasn’t able to carve out enough time on my own to go through and sort everything. I had felt it creeping in on me for several years, but in recent months it felt at times like I was drowning whenever I entered into any of those rooms. I called Jamie after doing a quick search for professional organizers in Salt Lake and told I was ready for help.

Over a few weeks of sessions with Jamie, meeting twice a week, we were able to go through 3 rooms in my house (including one larger mud room) and sort and purge all the stuff that had been giving me such anxiety. I now have a spare bedroom I can use, a mud room that is serving the purpose it was meant to serve, and a room that can now be used as an office. Without forcing (or rather, allowing) myself to dedicate this time without children and other distractions, I fear it would have taken me another few years or more to ever get to this project. It was money and time well spent with Jamie.

Jamie was friendly, helpful, offered suggestions, but she never pushed me to do something that didn’t work for me. If I ever needed to do a similar project (although I hope I will maintain the work we did together!), I wouldn’t hesitate to call her.

Kristen Hodges

Jamie Tabish helped me sort and purge a small house that, after nearly 20 years, was overloaded with lots of stuff that had lost its meaning or value to me. She has this way of keeping you moving forward without nagging or judgment. If you’re not the most organized person, she will get you sorted out.

Lara Jones

Organize by Design has saved my life! I had been drowning in paperwork. My desk was always covered with mounds of mail, school papers, and bills. Jamie worked with me and now when I open my mail my desk stays clear. When the kids come home from school all of their papers have a specific place. My desk has stayed clean for weeks now, even through the hectic holiday season.  If you are thinking of getting organized and on top of the paperwork flood, then Jamie Tabish has my full recommendation. She is the best!

Cheryl Pribble

I have learned to sort, toss, contain and simplify my home. These were lifelong goals of mine, unmet until now. Organize by Design arrived and demystified organization for me. Jamie Tabish’s careful, thoughtful process resulted in a uniquely customized system. She helped me identify the underlying reason for my disorganization and taught me techniques that brought structure to my life.  The assessment of my needs by Jamie was focused and responsive. She is an intuitive laser taking aim at solutions.

Linda Freedman

When I made an appointment with Jamie Tabish and Organize by Design, my workspace was really unbearable! With the chaos of being a working mom and having a home office for more than eight years, the layers of clutter had become overwhelming!

Organize by Design helped create a structure and meaning to my office. Not only did Jamie help me organize my workspace, she also taught me how to channel information as it comes into my workspace — so I have continued the structure and organization which Jamie and her company helped me develop.

It was several months of work, but very worth the time, energy, emotions, and money spent. Jamie came in and worked with me — side by side. She systematically peeled back the layers of years and years of files, paperwork, clutter, and dis-organization. She forced me to tackle things head on — making decisions to keep or let go — using the right methods for what information is needed, and what is not.

As I work within my office today, I have clarity and organization. I can be so much more productive because my files are in order, my office is zoned, and I have a place for everything! When information enters my workspace, I can make a quick decision about where it will go and put it there because of the system we have put in place.

I highly recommend Organize by Design for anybody who is feeling overwhelmed and “boxed in” by the amount of chaos and clutter around them. Jamie will break it down, peel back the layers, and bring peace to your surroundings, so that your work area has structure and meaning.

Sheri Allen

Real Estate

An organized home is easier to show and sell! Organize by Design helps my clients pinpoint and organize areas in their homes that need organizing and structure.  When a buyer looks through a client’s kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, the laundry room and so on, an organized and contained space will make all the difference. A clutter-free home that is beautiful to look at is much easier to sell. I recommend Organize by Design to all my clients!

Shauna C. Thomas
Real Estate Sales Agent

Organize by Design made our move into our new house so much easier! We moved shortly after my fourth child was born. We started with about forty boxes of toys, papers and household items in the garage. Jamie helped us sort the boxes, then set up a great system to organize everything. It looks attractive as well as saves us lots of time in maintaining order in my house. Best of all, my husband now has a place in the garage for his car.

Mary Peterson

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