Aug 31

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting offers you insight and awareness into the emotional barriers that leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Learn skills and solutions to make your life more purposeful and fulfilling.  Helping you find clarity, ownership and purpose in your life is a process of internal steps similar to the steps and skills taught when organizing your physical space.

Are you going through a transition?

Life is filled with transitions. Life altering transitions such as death, divorce, drug addiction recovery, illness, moving, going away to college… and small daily transitions like morning and evening routines, getting the kids off to school, yourself off to work, housework, meal planning, shopping, bills, after school snacks, homework, sports, extra curriculum activities, dinner, and bedtime routines to name only a few.

For many people, adults and children, transitions are difficult and cause them to feel anxious and overwhelmed. The pressure to quickly move from one activity to the next and fill our days and nights with nonstop activities is over stimulating and exhausting.  Often we move throughout our day transitioning from one activity to the next, with little thought of the impact our schedules and commitments have on us.

Do you struggle with Time Management?

How do you spend your time, with whom, doing what? These are choices! Just like sorting, tossing, choosing what stays in your space and what to let go, is also applicable when sorting through internal barriers.

Do you struggle with ADD/ADHD, Executive Functions or Learning Delays?

We have experience working with adults and children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, or struggle with Executive Functions.  Family members and caretakers of ADD & ADHD are also able to benefit from Jamie’s coaching.  Becoming organized is a process of learning how our brain receives, interprets and processes information. Once we understand and define a client’s unique needs, we then create an individualized plan that will outline and support him/her throughout the organizing process.

Organize by Design’s Organizational Consulting is process oriented – not rule based.

Let Jamie help you become more focused on what brings you joy while identifying and minimizing the distractions and barriers that keep you trapped in a life filled with unfulfilled expectations.

I’m ready to have clarity!

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