Sep 8

Digital Organization

My Digital & Tech team are available to help you with many tech related organization projects!

Computer, Tablet, & Smart Phone Organization

  • How to create folders to organize your documents
  • How to organize your emails and minimize spam
  • Helping you identify how your device can best work for you and your family
  • Teaching you how to keep your devices safe and protected

Password Organization

Do you write down your passwords on paper or post-its and keep them in a drawer or tack them onto your computer monitor?  With a quick consultation we can help you determine the best system for safely storing – and being able to retrieve – your passwords and personal information.  We will help you clear out the mental clutter of all the passwords and accounts so that they are safe and easy for you to access.

Save Your Stories Services

Everyone has a story to tell.  But not all of us have the time or creative expertise needed to put together a personal history.

Veteran newspaper journalist Kathy Stephenson has more then 25 years experience interviewing, writing, editing and capturing the unique stories of the people and places in her community.  Through a series of one-on-one interviews, she can help you document and share personal stories about a single event such as military service or a wedding; or she can help create an entire memoir to ensure that future generations know your life story.  A project from Save Your Stories can come in many forms including letters to family, printed books with photos, a video or even an audio recording.

Why keep your memories stored away in a box?  Let Kathy give your memories a voice and turn your personal stories into a tangible memory that can be shared with others.  Our stories define us and allow us to reflect and capture events even moments that deserve to be recorded and valued.  What a great birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift: a memory of you that will last a lifetime.

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