Sep 8

Decluttering & Organizing

Is your home being taken over by clutter?

Let Jamie and her team help you create a home that reflects who you are and what you value!  Organizational skills are learned skills. Once you find your unique way of becoming and staying organized you will realize the value of taking charge of your life and the freedom and energy that it brings to you.  Let Jamie help you find your way back to managing your time and home so you can make room to enjoy yourself.

Are you going through a transition?

Have your children moved out and left belongings they don’t want behind?  Do you have a room or rooms filled with things that are gifts, or items that older family members who have downsized gave to you, but these items just don’t fit into your life?  Do you have rooms filled with mementos of a time passed that no longer bring you joy?  Are there rooms in your home you’d like to turn into a home office, a home gym, a meditation room, or a craft room but the space is filled with storage?

Are you moving?

Save money and time getting organized before you move!  Why pack and move boxes of unwanted and unused items that will likely end up in the garage or basement of your new home?  Pack only those items you love and need.  You will not only save yourself time and money, you will show your potential buyers a clean and clutter free home, where they can imagine their own items moved in.

Jamie and her team offer many Organizational and Decluttering Services to fit your unique needs.

The KonMarie Method

You can read about the KonMarie method here or purchase the book here.  Jamie is available to guide you through the entire process.  This method is for people who are ready to make the commitment to:

  • Organizing your entire home in as little amount of time as possible
  • Get rid of everything that no longer serves a purpose in your life or brings you immense joy
  • Take the time to see the entire process through (sometimes this means taking vacation from work or giving up an entire weekend)

Single Room Organization

Some people only have one room, closet, or area of their home that needs tackling.  Jamie and her Declutter Crew are available to help tackle your problem area(s) and get your space back in order.  These sessions can be completed using four-hour sessions, in as many sessions as necessary to get your space in order.

Spring Cleaning / Holiday Decluttering

Do little piles of clutter keep finding their way onto every surface of your home?  Are you hosting company or a big event in your home and you need a little help “resetting” your space?  Jamie and her Declutter Crew are available to help you get your space back in order.  No job is too small.  These sessions can be completed, usually in one four-hour session, to get your home ready.

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