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De-Clutter Crew

IMG_3259 2My name is Elizabeth Burrows and I have been organizing with Jamie since 2006.  I’m a mother to three boys and a grandmother to one beautiful girl and one adorable grandson.  When I first started working with Jamie, I felt overwhelmed and struggled to find time in my life for all the things and people I love.  Jamie  has taught me that all of us can feel overwhelmed by clutter and struggle with a difficult transition at some point in our lives.  Being organized helps you find so much extra time in your life for the things you love.  I find a lot of joy in assisting people as they sort through their clutter and realize, with a little support, they can let go of their attachments and move forward.  Learning to become organized has taught me to be more present in my life so I can enjoy time with my boys and my precious granddaughter.

TDC Headshots 109My name is Rachelle Coppers and I was born and raised in Salt lake City, Utah.  I have always been organized but at the age of 10, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I learned that being organized doesn’t mean trying to control everything but rather finding peace in order.  I am attending the University of Utah and hoping to get into the Nursing Program next fall.  I know that my love of organization and my experiences as a patient will help me be a great nurse.  In the meantime, I love working with Organize by Design because I find joy in helping others to achieve a peaceful environment through organization.

TheresaMy name is Theresa Mason I’ve been married for 22 years and am a mother of 2 boys, my oldest Chris (18) is ready to serve a mission and my youngest Joey (14) was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at the age of 5. One of the symptoms of Aspergers is that things need to be organized and not too chaotic around the house, or he is not a happy boy.  I have been blessed with many great people in my life and they have served me and my family in many different ways . I truly feel by helping people become more organized is my way of giving back. Just as my son Joey finds peace in organization I know others can too.

Digital & Tech

BioPicMy name is Sarah Spain and I’ve always loved computers, gadgets, and organizing.  Growing up, my room was always neat – my parents never had to ask me to clean my room.  As I got older and technology got smarter and smaller, I started finding all kinds of ways that technology could make my life easier and simpler.  I love showing people how to use tech to make their lives better and more organized.  I also love cooking, running, and writing.  I write about all three – and organizing! – at Happily Ever Organized, my blog.  Working with Jamie has been a true dream and I’m so excited to be part of her team.

IMG_7750My name is Anjali Gill, I’m a full time student at the University of Utah studying business in the business scholar program.  I learned early in my life how to manage a demanding schedule because I have been dancing since I was four years old.  All through high school I had to manage my school work while taking classes in ballet, pointe, jazz and hip hop. Balancing school, dance classes, competitions and performances taught me how important it is to be organized at home and with my time. Now I have the opportunity to support others and assist them with their technology and organizational needs.

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